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We Deliver Fresh Produce Locally


As life gets busier it becomes increasingly difficult to buy fresh produce at the farmers market, grocery stores, or from local growers. Understandably, it may be more convenient to substitute healthier home cooking for cheap and fast substitutions like fast food or chain restaurants. Unfortunately, these quick solutions are not the healthiest option. With a busy schedule it becomes difficult to balance personal health and the responsibility of work. There shouldn't have to be a choice between your health and your time. We at Sundial Farms recognize these struggles and offer a local delivery service that allows you to get the freshest produce delivered right to your doorstep at only a few clicks online. This convenient method of grocery shopping allows you to save time on trips to the grocery store and reopens the possibility of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 


Why get produce delivered?

Sundial Farms offers a delivery service in order to introduce the freshest produce to your diet swiftly and efficiently. Our home delivery will notify you of every step of the shipping details with tracking information for your convenience. With the wide variety of organic produce that we have, we can sell farm-to-table veggies that are fresh, easy to cook, and tasty to eat. Our local produce boxes can be delivered right to your doorstep, to local delivery areas that include Southern California, Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego. We also offer free delivery for orders over $49.99, a great option for families looking for a variety or bulk of farm fresh produce and organic fruits.


What is fresh?

Fresh means reducing the steps it takes to get from the farm to your plate. At the moment we receive the order, the produce is harvested from the greenhouse. We also leave the roots on the vegetables in delivery. This means that the plant stays in its freshest state without the use of chemical add-ons like gas fresheners or cosmetics, which are commonly used in long distance produce deliveries as preservatives. With fresh produce delivery from local farms, we can take it upon ourselves to prevent the distance and time the veggies and fruits take from being harvested to being enjoyed. We avoid the use of harmful chemicals, like pesticides, from contaminating your food due to our environmentally controlled greenhouses, which allow us to ensure the quality of fresh food you eat at every step.


Why pick Sundial Farms?

We utilize a Hydroponic farming system that is designed to save on water and reduce the use of insecticides and herbicides while also producing greater crop yields. This also allows us to control every environmental factor of the farms. We pride ourselves on local produce cultivated by local farmers delivered to local San Diego restaurants and schools. 


While many produce delivery services may use chemical compounds to maintain a fresh appearance (i.e. changing the color or texture), with local delivery we forgo these extra steps and maintain the 'fresh' in fresh produce. While we offer home delivery in produce boxes we also offer a pick up option detailed under 'Delivery Method'. 


When you order from Sundial Farms you are ordering from local farmers that care about reducing environmental strain and contributing to a localized economy, all while receiving fresh produce for you, your family, and your friends. I encourage you to take the first step to healthy eating, because our freshness makes the rest easy.


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