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Orchids with German Pot- South Coast Orchids

Orchids with German Pot- South Coast Orchids

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Orchids color is random, majority it will be WHITE single spike, and the pots are all Terra-cotta.

Orchid takes three and a half years to grow to the size need it to be able to spike the plant with quality blooms.

Our award-winning orchids has been used in million-dollar event and high-end hotel settings. You would love the enjoyment of orchid blossoming in your own home.

Orchids are not fragile, they are truly tough plants. Very little water is needed. Only 3oz every other week in wintertime, and 3oz of water every week in summer months.

Orchid is a living plant their bloom lasts 3-4 times longer than roses. This is a perfect time to have some indoor plants that you can enjoy with little care.

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