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Zhenlu Soy Sauce (10.1 fl oz)

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Established in 1909 and originated in Xiluo Town, Yunlin County, the hometown of Taiwan's traditional soy sauce. Maru Zhuang Soy Sauce is a century-old soy sauce brand. The founder Mr. Zhuang Qinglin has been associated with sauce products since he was a child, inheriting the ancient black bean soy sauce brewing method, matching the unique water quality and climate of the Xiluo region, using unique strains and the professional technology of the national treasure brewer to brew the export of sweet black soybean shade oil . Besides rice and watermelon, it has become the most representative specialty of Xiluo.

Maru Zhuang Foods not only adheres to the ancient black bean soy sauce, but also has a new type of soy and wheat soy sauce fermentation technology. It is one of the few professional soy sauce factories in the industry that has two brewing processes at the same time. The factory has also passed professional certifications such as ISO 9001 and HACCP, giving consumers more peace of mind. Maruzou established a tourist factory in Xiluo in 2008 to share Taiwan's soy sauce culture and industrial heritage, and set a new milestone. Founded for a hundred years, with the spirit of learning from the past and innovation, leading a new concept of healthy food, Maruzou soy sauce is the taste of happiness for Taiwanese.

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